Introducing Research Committee

Student Research Committee is one of the recognized pillars of research in Vice Chancellor of Research & Technology of Ilam University of medical sciences, which was established since 1997. The Student Research Committee is a channel for enhancing the research capabilities of students who can be considered as research elite, inventor, author, and so on. Therefore, the main mission is that providing equal access to research facilities based on interests and capabilities of students.

Aims of the Student Research Committee

1- Involving students in research activities (writing proposals, papers, seminars and congresses, etc.)

2- Using the capacity of students by organizing committees and subgroups such as translation, compilation, workshops, informatics, etc.

3. Establishing student research cores to conduct research activities in areas of interest and specialization of individuals

4- Introducing students to research processes (process of approval of research projects, outstanding student researcher, patent, submission of papers in journals and congresses, etc.)

Members of the Research Committee

Head of the committee:

Name: Dr. Yousef Veisani

Degree: PhD in Epidemiology,

Faculty member of Psychosocial Injures Research Center

Supervision time: From November 2017


Expert introduction

Expert of Student Research Committee

Ms. Leila Abbassian

Master of Parasitology 2011

Address of the Research Committee: http//src.medilam.ac.ir

website addresshttp://src.medilam.ac.ir/

Email address: abbasian-l@medilam.ac.ir

Address: Ilam University of Medical Sciences, Bangalore, Ilam, Vice-Chancellor for Research, Student Research Committee, Phone: 32235700, Postcode: 6939177143