Aims and Strategies of Vice-Chancellery for Research and Technology Affairs



Promotion and expansion of research and technologic activities considering the local problems of Ilam Province.

 ر             Objectives:

  1. expanding the research and technologic activities in research centers and faculties
  2. collaboration with other national research centers and universities to conduct research projects 
  3. taking measures to conduct collaborative researches with internal industries and executive organizations
  4. planning to encourage research activities with recognized national and international institutes and research centers
  5. holding scientific seminars, workshops and conferences in coordination with faculties and research centers in order to enhance the research capabilities of researchers, students and academic staffs
  6. promotion of student researches through supporting student research committee
  7. persuading the academic researchers to contribute to national and international science associations
  8. supporting the technology and research projects affiliated to different faculties, research centers and vice-chancelleries of Ilam University of Medical Sciences
  9. expanding research centers and supporting hardware and software services to the centers
  10. updating the information technology services
  11. budgeting and financial management of vice-chancellery for research and technology affairs
  12. enhancing the quantity and quality of scientific publications and journals and trying to index them in high quality databases